Get Your Irish On With These Weird Products

St. Patrick's Day, like many holidays, has two sides: the historic and modern.

Sure, St. Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland, and people would traditionally feast in his name.
Despite the fact that he was a British man, his claim to fame was converting Irish folks to Christianity.

Those are some juicy factoids, but... who cares?

Now, rather than feasting in honor of ol' St. Patty, we wear green and binge drink.
There's not much in the way of logic to explain this radical, weird turn of events.
Besides the nearly universal human desire to drink and party, it's almost incomprehensible that the day is now symbolized with green, beer, and (you guessed it) green beer.

You can thank the folks from the 1970's for the new version of the holiday.
Before then, there would be no reason to have a sexy leprechaun costume.
If you went to the store and asked for Irish party supplies, people would have been baffled by your weird request.
And why wouldn't they be?
The only St. Patrick's Day decorations worth having would have been The Catholic Bible and probably some potatoes, or something Irish like that.

So where does that leave us?
It's hard to say.
St. Patrick was a man who has almost nothing to do with our modern understanding of St. Patricks' Day, but his time in Ireland will forever encourage others to drink like the Irish.

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